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A Poem by Emily Brontë

“Emily wanted to be a Night Walker before she knew what one was.  Sometimes I think she summoned it.”   ~Anne Brontë, Nightwalker   One of the deeply enjoyable aspects of writing Anne Bronte, Nightwalker was incorporating the Bronte’s poetry throughout the manuscript.  When I came upon the following poem by Emily Bronte, #184 in […]

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The Brontës and Book Clubs

Book clubs love the Brontës, and yet Nightwalker is a strange, new twist on their story, so I’m very excited to announce that a book club is reading Anne Brontë Nightwalker right now! This is a first for me, and a new and wondrous feeling. Thank you Renee Rockweiler Wilson for sharing this pic.  And thank you […]

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Anne Brontë Nightwalker Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win one of three signed first edition copies of Anne Brontë Nightwalker by Gea Haff!   I am a huge Goodreads fan.  It is my favorite, go to site for everything on books, reading and writers.  There’s hundreds of reading groups and it’s fun to make friends with other readers […]

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Anne Brontë Nightwalker is here!

What happens when you work Fire/EMS and read way too much gothic English Literature?  Anne Brontë Nightwalker!   Nightwalker is here and available on Amazon in paperback and kindle.  If you enjoy reading about literature, the Brontes, blood and EMS (a strange combination, I know!) then you may find it darkly entertaining. Thank you all […]

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Nightwalker Proof is Here!

Anne Brontë Nightwalker proof arrived in the mail and I have deemed it acceptable. Progress is being made!  This means the paperback will be ready any day now.  Next step is the Kindle formatting.  On track for November 24th!  

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Anne Brontë Nightwalker now available on Wattpad for Free!

My debut novel, Anne Bronte Nightwalker is now available on Wattpad for free! You can read it on your computers, phones, or tablets with the app. It was originally slated for release Halloween in soft cover and Kindle, but those versions have been pushed back until Thanksgiving, November 24th, because I am an OCD/Perfectionist and the […]

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Chapter One of Anne Brontë Nightwalker

I like my blood warm. I find cold blood as appetizing as an old stale cup of coffee. It’s hard to choke down, but then again I’m finicky. Regardless, I’ve never had access to a blood bank. Our lives are nothing like TV. For us there is no daylight, no friends, lovers or family. We […]

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Brontë Inspired Novels of 2016

2016 has been a good year for Bronte inspired Novels. Three fun books have been released so far and Anne Brontë Nightwalker will be added to the list on October 31st.  In the meantime, here’s some entertaining fiction to keep your Brontë cravings satisfied:   The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell     This has all […]

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The Luscious Dark Cover Art of Patrick Knowles

Finding the right cover artist for Anne Bronte, Nightwalker was no easy task.  I’d spent weeks working with a talented, well-known designer but 400 dollars later (the deposit), I let him go because the cover just wasn’t quite right.  The mood was wrong.  The colors were off.  Inspired by the Victorian undertones of my novel, […]

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Dear Sweet Fierce Anne Brontë

Anne Brontë, the fiercest Brontë of all?   With a trio of Bronte sisters to choose from, two of whom are perennial favorites, plus their wildly wayward brother Branwell, why write a novel about Anne?  Grave, quiet, serious Anne?  Why not Charlotte of Jane Eyre fame?  Or Emily, creator of the savagely gothic Wuthering Heights?  Why little Anne Brontë, author […]

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