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Gea Haff

About Gea

Hello Dear Fellow Readers,


I am a fire chaplain and a writer. I am also a life long student of religion, a passionate lover of story, and am perpetually fascinated by the mysteries of love and death.

I am in love with books.  Infatuated.  Obsessed.  I am haunted by the thought that there are so many wonderful stories to read, essential stories, important, life altering ones, and I shall never have the time to get to them all.  I love novels, myths, fairy tales, epics of war, and stories told by firefighters sitting around the kitchen table.

Why do I read?  To know that I am alive.  To know that hope and humanity exist in the world.  To remember that some people spend years of their life, not watching reality TV or pornography, but trying to create something meaningful and lasting and beautiful.  I read to know what is possible.

. . .

Here’s my official bio:

Originally from California, Gea received an M.A. in Women’s Studies in Religion from Claremont Graduate University, a B.A. in Humanities from University of Southern California, and after moving to Florida, an A.S. in Emergency Medical Services from Miami Dade College.  (All this really means is that I know a bit about goddesses and blood!)

She served as a firefighter, paramedic, rescue diver, special ops flight medic, and a fire chaplain with Miami Dade Fire Rescue. She is also the founder of Triple F-Fabulous Female Firefighters!, a company which unites thousands of women firefighters across the globe. After a 15-year career, she retired and now spends her time traveling, writing, and exploring the mysteries of life and death.

Gea’s novel, Anne Brontë Nightwalker, is available on Amazon from Firefox Press.  She’s also written for The Mythic Circle, Fire Rescue Magazine, and the online Journal of EMS (JEMS).